Questions and answers

How can I scan the QR code with my phone?

There must be a QR code reader installed on your phone. It can be easily downloaded into your phone and it is free.


Why can’t I read the QR code sometimes?

You need enough light; the QR code must be well lit but without reflections. The telephone camera flash helps.


Can one person own several bracelets? I want them for my family.

Yes, you can. The number of bracelets registered to one person is unlimited.


Will the paint of the bracelet not wear off?

NO, not by standard use. The pattern is imprinted, then the paint is embedded into the imprints. Thus, it is protected against abrasion.


What sizes are available?

We provide the bracelets in three sizes – L 202 mm, M 180mm, S 160mm


Are my personal data safe?

Yes, our company is registered at the Office for Personal Data Protection under number 00065879. Your data are safe with us, protected by the law, and we will never provide them to any third person.


Why are the data which I entered not visible?

Once you have filled in any information, it is necessary to use the symbol situated next to its field and mark it as visible (a green eye symbol). With this button, any information can be also marked as invisible at any time.


How does the bracelet work abroad?

It works abroad as well as in your home country. When scanning the bracelet abroad, you can view the information in German, English and other languages.


How can I find out my location?

It is easy. Read the QR code of the bracelet and the first red button displayed will show you your GPS coordinates which you can send to your close relatives or anybody else. You can also view your position on a map.


Can I stick the QR code on my bicycle, car or have it printed on my sporting T-shirt?

Yes, you can. Log in and click the registered bracelet – the button located on the right from it. At the end of the page, the link for downloading the QR code is shown. Please leave our logo with the QR code, so that it is obvious what purpose the code serves.


I have lost my bracelet. How can I delete it?

At the bottom of the page for editing the bracelet’s data, there is a button which says „Invalidate the bracelet and delete data“. Please note that the bracelet will no longer be usable after this action.


What health data shall I provide?

Please specify only diseases which are important for paramedics and the after care. It is advisable to consult this issue with your general practitioner.